01.31.17 (From the Vaults) - Mixed by Act Like You Know

A few more Dilla mixes to close-out the week.  Here's a mix that focuses on the "Jaylib" era of Dilla production and samples.
I made this back in 2013. Back when I used to buy vinyl doubles of "exotica" records. Back when "Champion Sound" turned a decade old: one of my favorite albums by far (in any genre), made by the two individuals pictured in this photo. This mix was basically done as an homage to the creative process that birthed that album. Tracks run the gauntlet from untitled beats and singles that never made the finished "Champion Sound", album cuts, and samples from all over the globe (LITERALLY) from French Prog-Rock to West African Cubano to Bollywood. Turn it up.
1. Intro
2. McNasty Filth
3. Melancholy Man
4. Psyche Rock
5. Pop Shit
6. Raw Shit
7. Kyenkyen Bi Adi Mawu
8. Dharmatma Theme Music (Sad)
9. Champion Sound
10. The Heist (Original Mix)
11. The Heist (Remix)
12. Untitled Beat
13. Untitled Beat
14. Untitled Beat
15. The Way?
16. Ice
17. Come and Play in the Milky Night
18. The Message
19. Bounce
20. It Ain't Safe No More
21. Untitled Beat
22. Untitled Beat
23. Interlude
24. Turn Me Up Some
25. The Stripper
26. Strip Club
27. Pillz
28. Malaguena
29. Huit Octobre 1971
30. No Games
31. No $ No Toke
32. Outro

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