Breaks & Snacks 2 - Mixed by DJ Ian Head

Incredible mix! Read the below description and just try not to listen. I dare you. Highly Recommended.

I started working on this tape over a year ago. People seemed to dig the first one, so I figured I'd cut up a few more random breaks and funky records for a sequel. After laying down the music, it still seemed missing something, and so I started going back and adding vocal samples and audio clips, from both vinyl and digital sources. There is an old clip of De La Soul being interviewed on NPR where Dave and Maceo talk about the ways djs and producers buy and dig for records, and it inspired me to search further for related - and unrelated - soundbites. In the end, this tape is kind of an adventure through the world of record-buying, classic movies, 90s Grammy award ceremonies, and b-side rap accapellas, all over a backdrop of breakbeats direct from my personal crates. Like the first mix, while the bulk of the cuts and mixing was done using Serato, everything you hear besides the interview clips is from original wax.

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Man!! I'm diggin this no doubt!!