Daily Operation Originals (Volume 1) - Mixed by DJ Big Texas

May 5th marked the 25th anniversary of Gang Starr's classic Daily Operation.  Here's a Highly Recommended mix of breaks from the album by DJ Big Texas.

On May 5, 1992, Gang Starr released its third studio album, Daily Operation. On the follow-up to the duo’s successful sophomore album, Step In The Arena, DJ Premier and Guru were in their prime with tracks like “Take it Personal,” “B.Y.S.” and “Ex-Girl to The Next Girl.” In 1998, The Source magazine selected Daily Operation as one of the 100 Best Hip Hop Albums. Daily Operation featured some of Premier’s most innovative production techniques. ONCE AGAIN LADIES AND GENTS, DJ BIG TEXAS HAS COMPILED A SAMPLE SET MIX-TAPE THAT HONORS THE GREAT RAP DUO. SO SIT BACK AND ENJOY!!! AND REMEMBER THIS IS A BIG TEXAS SPECIAL EDITION!! #RIP GURU SHOUT OUT TO PREEMO!! THX FOR THE MEMORIES!! GANGSTARR- Daily Operation (Originals) MIXED BY DJ BIG TEXAS DISC 1 OF 2

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