Discogs Mix #61 - Mixed by FredFades

I'd like to think FredFades was first discovered right here on this blog.

Fredfades – High-End Lo-fi Jams
Tracklist available here: blog.discogs.com/en/discogs-mix-61-fredfades/
Fredfades is a 29-year old producer, DJ, and artist originating from Oslo, Norway. A heavy collector of Jazz and Modern Soul, Fred has been digging in the crates for over 15 years. His solo debut album, Warmth, dropped this past June 2017, via UK’s KingUnderground Records. Preceding his solo debut, Fred had already made a name for himself in indie Hip-Hop circles worldwide, releasing several 7″s, as well as a widely regarded collaborative album with fellow Norwegian, rapper Ivan Ave (2015’s Fruitful). Fred also runs the Oslo-based label Mutual Intentions, which houses a musical and visual artist collective of the same name. With eight releases under their belt thus far, including five in 2017 already, Mutual Intentions looks to release a slew of new material in the coming months, from House, to New Age, to reissues.
Fredfades had the following to say about his Discogs mix:
"I’ve always been into these super homemade, mega fragile synthesizer Modern Soul jams, so I thought I should make a mix of them. The original idea came to me when I did a Red Light Radio mix last summer, cause I’ve really been spinning the recording of that a lot. When I went to Amsterdam I didn’t get the chance to bring any LPs, so the mix was all 7”s. And it was live so it wasn’t really planned yet. And there were a few things I would have done different if I could. That’s why I wanted to do this mix when you guys over at Discogs asked me, and of course I’ve been buying some killer records since that RLR mix also."
On Discogs Mix 61, Fredfades shows and proves that he's a real deal crate digger with his collection of extremely rare outsider Soul tracks! Most of these show many more Wants than Haves on Discogs, and some of these obscurities and curiosities have a Sales History in the hundreds of dollars.

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