Diggers Dozen #3 (Library Crate) - Mixed by DJ Sheep

Third installment of DJ Sheep's Highly Recommended series of mixes of library records.
Diggers Dozen #3: The Library Crate
RECORDED LIVE: Sunday 3rd May, 2014
This is the final part of a trilogy of mixes from the "Diggers Dozen" event that I put on in Brisbane, Australia back in 2014. Each of these themed mixes each feature 12 top-tier records hand picked from the Bulletproof Crates played out live on 2 turntables, mixer and a Kaossilator.
This third mix is the 'Library Crate', featuring 12 personal favourites from the UK to Italy from the archives of Bruton, Chappell, Music De Wolfe, Conroy, Selected Sound, Themes, Carosello and more! Expect ultra heavy grimy dusty downtempo lush sleazy drama-style proto hip-hop drum-laden funk! Thanks for listening!

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