Ol' Stoney Bastard - Mixed by Pipomixes

Yesterday (November 13th)marked the 13th anniversary of ODB's death. Tomorrow (November 15th) would have been ODB's 49th birthday. Probably no rapper is more deserving of the Stoney treatment. ODB mixed over a bed of stoned-out joints coming from the likes of De la Soul, Ohbliv, Adrian Younge, Ras G, Madlib, L'Orange, Delroy Edwards, Sir Froderick, Dil Withers, and many more.


Kerry Schultz said...

Well that is a good way to pay him a tribute but I think that he should be honored in other ways on higher level. Well nice that you did your part by remembering him.

unsn88 said...

'should be honored in other ways on higher level' - - - t fuck you did to honour him at any level at all? ... thanks for a great mixtape once again, Pipo.