Sleeping Enemies - Mixed by DJ Bacon

As with all DJ Bacon mixes, I Highly Recommend you take the time to listen.
DJ Bacon – Sleeping Enemies
A DJ mix of slept on Public Enemy B sides / Remixes/ Instros / 12” versions bootlegs and collaborations.
Flavor Flav
Public Enemy No 1 (Instrumental)
The 13th Letter
Son Of Public Enemy (MC Flavor Whop Version)
Night Of The Living Baseheads (Anti-High Blood pressure Encounter Mixx)
Prophets of Rage (Power Version)
Brothers Gonna Work It Out (Remix)
Ice Cube: Endangered Species Featuring Chuck D (Remix)
Anti Nigger Machine (uncensored extended)
B Side Wins again (Jan 1987 version)
Ice Cube: I’m only out for one thang Featuring Flavor Flav.
Bedlam (Instumental) & The rhythm, the rebel (acapella)
Return To The Terrordome (DJ Copycat bootleg)
More News at Eleven (Gary G-Wiz mega bomb) & Bring the Noise (acapella)
Burn Hollywood Burn (extended censored fried to the radio verion) Caught, Can we get a witness (Pre black steel ballistic felony dub)
Can’t do nuttin’ for ya man (UK 12” Powermixx)
Kool Moe Dee: Rise n Shine Featuring KRS-1 & Chuck-D.

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