June 2018 Mixtape - Mixed by DJ Ian Head

DJ Ian Head compliments his exemplary crates with his top-shelf turntable skills with this go around.
Finally had time to put together a little DJ-mix for the first time this year. I had originally hoped to get this out around my 40th birthday in March, but as with many plans, that didn't quite come together. So this is like a post-birthday-early-summer-favorites mix. On my 30th birthday, I put together a long, all-vinyl mixtape of many of my all-time favorite hip-hop records. This time around, I wanted to highlight a number of songs that have stayed in rotation for years - some for over a decade - but weren't all vinyl, or all hip-hop. Just some personal favorites that have meaning to me. I also got to experiment a little with my new Pioneer DJ mixer, throwing in a few minor effects on transitions, which was fun.
Fingers-crossed I'll have at least one more summertime mix in the coming months, but we'll see how it goes...for now, hope you enjoy these selections.
Nu Shooz "I Can't Wait (Unplugged)"
Visioneers/Marc Mac "Dirty Old Bossa Nova"
Quantic & Alice Russell "Left & Right"
mister T. "The Soul Man"
Five Fingers of Funk "360"
DJ Day "Skyy Can You Feel Me"
Lifesavas "Me"
Grouch "Breathe"
Collapsible Mammals "Quarter Lives"
Devin the Dude "Right Now"
Ka.lil / Khingz "Summer Daze"
BJ the Chicago Kid "Turnin Me Up"
Souljazz Orchestra "Lotus Flower"

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