Slow Funkin' Yo Lady - Mixed by Pipomixes **Sticky**

First release of 2019. I'm sitting on another 5-6 finished mixes, with another cooking in the oven. They are all my babies, but I decided to let go of this one today.  Enjoy.

Nothing seems real or authentic anymore. Everything is synthetic. Nobody talks. We all stare at our phones like zombies. Our best "friends" are people we've never actually met. Or, are they even people? 60% of social media is bot driven; and the world is now social media driven. Hell, most pot heads are now smoking THC juice out of a pen instead of smoking the actual plant. The world needs FUNK more than ever. Embrace the imperfections. Embrace the FUNK. While the world falls into the convenience trap, I'll be Funkin' Yo Lady. Yo Lady wants the real. Yo Lady likes when my records skip. She likes the hiss in my tapedeck. She likes it Slow. All of you in a hurry to get nowhere. Me and Yo Lady be Funkin' Slow.

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