Sorry Ms. Jackson Tape

I'm just trying to make ill mixes. Respect to all those who appreciate the craft and everything that goes into my mixes. Respect to all those who ain't feelin' it, but took the time to give it a listen. Peace to J. Rocc, HouseShoes, DJ Screw, Madlib, KTO, Jazzsoon, Omega:NYC, Knx, Ras G, ALC, Mach Hommy, and Jansport J; All of your ears for music, styles, and funkiness; continue to inspire me.
Word up to Outkast and JJ for providing the colors to paint the canvas. Word up to my turntables, mixer, records, SP-404, and the Legendary Cool Edit Pro; for providing me the brushes to paint the canvas.
Limited tapes will be released into the world for posterity.


The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

There is something wrong with the link Pipo.

Sorry, that something isn’t here.
Please start at the beginning and you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for.

pipomixes said...

Link fixed

A Tribe Called Garvey said...

Could you post some recommended cookout/ fourth of July mixes. I have the summertime series but are there some others you know of. Bonus points if they are clean.

Keep doing what you are doing!