2019 Mixtape Awards

I take the DJ craft seriously, and it goes without saying that I put a lot of value in a quality mix. Music is currently viewed as disposable; like soda in a plastic cup.  Something that gives you a quick rush, and is then discarded.  People mostly listen to playlists now (the majority of which are created by robots or someone else), not albums. The thought of owning music has become a very specific niche. This niche is so specific that to release an LP on black vinyl would be considered commercial suicide.

This is the hostile musical climate that mixtapes are in. Creating a quality mix is very time consuming. To truly appreciate all the intricacies that are embedded within a quality mix (blends, song selection, drops, back-spins, timing of blends, word play, etc.); requires multiple listens. In a nutshell, a mix is basically the antithesis of everything the current-day music listener expects. As a result, mixes have essentially become a thing for us, by us. An auditory experience that is mostly appreciated by the select few who are capable of creating such an experience.

Though I find this reality to be unfortunate, I am not complaining (at least not here).  I say all this to emphasize my appreciation for the names and mixes below; as well as all those who found their way to this blog in 2019. On that note; I would like to devote particular praise to J. Rocc and House Shoes. In the case of J. Rocc; it should not be taken for granted that literally the best DJ on the planet is the most common name you'll see below.  In what other genre is the best in the game the most likely to release their art? In the case of House Shoes; he literally drops a mix every week! In the case of the two Dilla mixes he released this past February; you can clearly tell he put extra time into crafting those mixes.  That doesn't go unnoticed here. In fact, it is highly praised.

Side Note: A few of the below mixes are now behind paywalls that will require a $2/month fee to gain access. A very small price to pay IMO. If you disagree, you're at the wrong blog.

Top 19 Mixes of 2019 (mostly in order of release)
J. Rocc's AIS 2018 Megamix
Cassette Robot Radio "Sade Edition" - Mixed by DJ Soundwave
Soulection Radio #395 - J. Rocc Takeover (Dilla Edition)
Dilla Treats - Mixed by House Shoes
Dilla's Magic - Mixed by House Shoes
Golden Age Soul 5 - Mixed by Mattnyce
AIS Jay Dee Tribute (Parts 3 and 4) - Mixed by J. Rocc
Dope 80s Joints Part 1 and 2 - Mixed by DJ Revolution
AbcntMnded Radio -6 - Mixed by AbcntMnded
The Forty Five Kings Present DJ Bacon
Gravediggaz vs. Organized Konfusion - Mixed by DJ Filthy Rich
The Remedy Part 1 - Mixed by House Shoes
Up North Trips Presents 94 State of Mind - Mixed by Its Overture
J. Rocc Live on Worldwide FM (10/18/19)
SIMS Samples: Mighty Mos Def Edition
J. Rocc Live Mix on Touching Bass (11/16/19)
Readymade - Mixed by Deathhop
The Junkyard (All 7" Vinyl) - Mixed by DJ Platurn
Yesterdays Experience (YNQ Tribute) - Mixed by BeatPete

Top Mixes of 2019 (Unreleased)
J. Rocc's Thank You Jay Dee 2019 Part 2 (He may send it to you if you DM him with proof of your KPFK donation)
J. Rocc's Ras G Tribute (Donate to KPFK and there are pretty good odds you can own this as well)
JUX -Mixed by Omega:NYC (My favorite mix of 2019 that I'll post if I ever get permission to)

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