Serato Anniversary Documentary

For better or worse, Serato changed the game. If it were up to me, the change would have stopped at DVS.  It's worth mentioning that Serato was able to change the game because it was embraced by most of the DJ community at the time.  From legend to hobbyist, most DJs embraced Serato (with minimal resistance) because the initial Serato DVS system wasn't fundamentally different from the traditional set-up of records, turntables, and a mixer.  Auto beatmatching, controllers, buttons that do God knows what; were not yet synonymous with Serato and its competitors. In retrospect, what was to follow the initial DVS technology should have been seen as inevitable.  With that in mind, I wonder if the DJ community would have embraced Serato as widely as it did? Keep in mind that to  use CDJs twenty years ago was considered sacrilegious. Rant over, time to go yell at the clouds.

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