Smif N Wessun - Dah Shinin 25 (Short Version) - Mixed by DJ Filthy Rich

Celebrating 25 years of Smif N Wessun's LP 'Dah Shinin'. Black Moon & Da Beatminerz laid the blueprint for the early 90's gritty BK sound, and Tek & Steele ran with it crafting this undeniable CLASSIC. Mr Rippa & Vicksta's patois-infused rhymes over hard drums & dark samples made this the soundtrack for winter of 95 & beyond. Not one skippable track. I always loved the way they effortlessly flowed back & forth, finishing each other's sentences. No one has ever done it better than the PNC's from Bucktown. Ya betta wreckonize!!
To make things interesting, I've mixed in:
- OG samples
- Freestyles
- Unreleased tracks + alternate versions
- Blends
- Remixes
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