Whatupdoe Vol. 4 - Mixed by DJ Rhettmatic

Being that Dilla Month is almost over, I figured I post one more in honor of my brother, the late great J Dilla!
I did this mix LIVE on 2/7/2020 in my home studio on my IG Story on a whim. I didn't think of recording the mix, I just did it on the fly without no plan & no practice. I just did whatever I was feeling & didn't care if I made a mistake. I just kept on till I stopped. Only people who got to witness the mix were the ones that watched my IG Story Live (it was only up for 24 hrs). Realizing that I only got 24 hrs before it got erased, I came up w/ the idea to record the mix from my IG via IPhone onto Protools; it took 1 hr & 26 min to dump onto Protools (the low quality because of IPhone mic).
Thank you to everyone who was able to watch me mixed this live. Now the rest of you can listen to this mix. I hope you enjoy this mix & the live record settings. Thank you for listening.
We love you & miss you Dilla!
Beat Junkies

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