Support DJs in the Age of Corona Virus

Many of our favorite DJs' income have been abruptly slashed. In addition to posting mixes, I'm going to highlight three DJs a post to encourage all of you to financially support their art. I tweeted-out Friday an offer to pay "top dollar" for a 20-30 min megamix from all of our favorite DJs. I was surprised by the warm reception this offer received from many of the mentioned DJs.  Of course, these DJs were interest in making a little money for their art.  However, they were all touched by the sentiment more than anything else.  I know we are all hurting at the moment, but any support to these DJs would at least express an appreciation for the art that they create.  Trust me, the sentiment will be well received.  Who knows, maybe we can resurrect the whole mixtape idea from this mess.

Today's Featured DJs

DJ Yoda
J. Rocc

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