The 1990 ULTRA-MIX...The Forgotten Rappers - Mixed by DJ Bacon

Support DJ Bacon's artistry and purchase this Highly Recommended mix.

If you're sick of played out 90's jams from the usual acts this mix will bring you something fresh and transport you instantly back to the year 1990 where the 808's kicked, sampling was still abundant and funky scratches and james brown samples dominated the production. Some of these artists never recorded any other material ... it was there first and last album.

Every track on the mix released in the year 1990.

Slept on underground tracks from some little known or forgotten rappers.

Quick mix style !! 27 tracks in 35 minutes. All tracks sourced and recorded at highest bit rate from FLAC or vinyl. No MP3's used in this mix.

The dopest mix you'll hear this year!!!

This mix is the sequel to my 91 son mixtape ... you can find it here
 DJ Bacon _ 1990 Intro
The Jaz _ To Your Soul
Outlaw Posse _ Dem Funky
Cool C _ Shinning Star
Flavor Unit _ What It Takes To Be A Rapper
King Bee _ Back By Dope Demand
Poison Clan _ Bad Influence
Comptons Most Wanted _ I Give Up Nothin’
Above The Law _ Untouchable
Bizzie Boys _ Say When
Barsha _ Pimp Of The Year
Laquan _ Brother To Brother
D-Nice _ And You Don’t Stop
Kid Frost _ To The Bank
Style Q _ Victim To The Vinyl
Movement X _ Rap Mafia
K Solo _ Solo Rocks the House
Kings Of Swing _ Nod Your Head To This
Homicide _ The Melody
King Sun _ Universal Flag
Intelligent Hoodlum _ Trag Invasion
The UBC _ Mop The Floor
High Performance _ Here’s a Party Jam
Jus Def _ I’m In Controll
Just Ice _ Rollin With The Just
All Laquan _ Imprison The President
Poor Righteous Teachers _ Holy Intellect

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