Pullin from the Stacks - Episode 136 - DJ Ian Head

Can't tell you how much of my quarantine time has been spent listening to the Pullin from the Stacks podcasts.

My podcast schedule has been a bit off with the upcoming move, but here's a new episode - this time around it's all digital jazz selections, some newish things found on Bandcamp recently. So much good new music out there, you just gotta do a little searching for it. Perusing Bandcamp and other platforms isn't the same things as digging up old records, but it is a whole new universe of music to navigate where cool stuff can be found. Anyway, enjoy.

Tracklist: The Expansions, Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange, Redline Trio, Ashley Henry, Ze Bigode Orquestra, SLOW GOLD, Mekbuda, Nate Maslowski

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