Back to School (1987) - Mixed by DJ DS


Double-rocking, back-spinning extraordinaire; DJ DS is back with the second edition to his Back to School series. I love all his mixes, but I think this might be my favorite.

Unfortunately it’s the end of October half-term & that only means one thing... DJ DS Goes Back to School!

As I mentioned in my 1986 mix, I was at high school from 1986 – 1991, so this means we're now on to 1987! And what a year too! Getting this down to 35 tracks (plus an intro/outro) was tough. Hopefully your favorites from this year feature in the track list.

If you’ve heard any of my mixes you know what to expect. I’ve also added some sound bites from movies released that year including Good Morning Vietnam, Predator and The Principal.

Thanks to Jimmy Green for another dope drop! Hope you all enjoy and get ready for my 3rd year and also my favorite year in Hip Hop, 1988!

On another way more important note:

Please see below how you can support Hip Hop legend Del SoulCondor who's currently battling with cancer.


Fundraising Track: Greg Blackman, Genesis Elijah, Bohze. Prod. DJ Moneyshot - "Save the Wax"

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daveds75 said...

Thanks for posting another one of my mixes. I really appreciate it and for you to say that this one might be your favourite is a huge compliment. Thanks for all the support and for all that you do for the culture!