A Tribute To The Supervillain: Live at Venice Townhouse (1/13/17) - Mixed by DJ Jedi


I'm not sure what's more impressive about this mix; the fact that this was mixed live, or the fact that it was allowed to be mixed live in a bar/club venue. There are some real jaw-dropping blends throughout the mix seamlessly blending various Doom classic with their original samples. Highly Recommended.

Rest in power to the GOAT, Daniel Dumile, aka MF DOOM: This is from one of the times I rocked a 2 hr tribute set of non-stop DOOM affiliated beats and breaks at my Townhouse residency in Venice, CA back in January of 2017, about a week after his bornday. To this day it remains one of the most fun sets I've ever spun. *Photo by Eric Coleman

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Thanks Pipo you are still the man after all these years u never let us down