Outsiders: Street Corner Music w/ Juicy/14KT/House Shoes @ Kiosk Radio 13.03.2021

 30 minutes sets each by Juicy the Emissary and 14KT, and a 60 minute set by House Shoes. All three sets are outstanding. Highly Recommended.

Our monthly appointment with hip hop legend House Shoes and his Street Corner Music!

Named after the record store where he started working after leaving college in the mid 1990s, House Shoes launched Street Corner Music in 2013 to give his favorite producers a platform to shine.

The Detroit pioneer is joined by two special guests this week, starting the show with a 30 minute mix is Juicy The Emissary, celebrating his new album “Komfort Food”. Following Juicy is 14KT with an exclusive 30 minute mix of his own productions. House Shoes wraps it up with 30 mins for Welcome 2 Detroit’s 20th anniversary. Enjoy!

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