J. Rocc's Final Adventures in Stereo Mix & AIS Eulogy


Last Friday marked the end of J. Rocc's Adventures in Stereo. I can't tell you how much inspiration I took from each episode of AIS. Sometimes it was the track selections. Sometimes it was J. Rocc's homemade blends. Sometimes it was the megamixes that J. Rocc was kind enough to create in 2015 and 2018. Sometimes it was the 5-10 minute mixes where you could hear a really inspired J. Rocc just showing off. 

Saturday mornings are the highlight of my week. No work, me and Lil Mixes get to sleep-in without the rush and frenzy of a weekday morning; and the grind of life always seems more tolerable on a Saturday morning. For the last six years, the soundtrack of my Saturday mornings has always been listening to the replay of AIS from the night before (while the TV shows EPL or College Football). Saturday mornings will continue to be my weekly highlight. However, a very important ingredient will now be missing going forward.

I just hope that the decision to bring AIS to an end was J. Rocc's decision. It would be a real shame if anybody other than J. Rocc was behind this decision. Please join me in saying a little prayer for J. Rocc's next megamix coming sooner as opposed to later.

Side note: The above video captures J. Rocc creating an uptempo mix. I barely recognize any of the tracks because I don't normally gravitate toward uptempo music. When I first heard this mix I had now idea how much work J. Rocc was putting into the mix because it all sounded so seamless (often a curse of being such a skilled DJ). Seeing the video gave me a whole new perspective. Wow!

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primeselect said...

hey Pipo,

It kinda hit me hard this Labor Day weekend without a new episode of AIS to look forward to. Last week, it was strange, still probably in shock (Shout out to Soundwaves Radio, you have a new listener). This week was sadness and withdrawals. This show (and this site/blog of yours for that matter) is/was criminally underrated. How can there be nobody here sharing their comments on the passing of one of the greatest shows that "p.p.p.play different kinds of music..."

Wishing I didn't sleep on the Chine Lake & Ridgecrest shirts too. Hit+Run please hook it up!

I must say that searching for J. Rocc audio brought me to you. I've been buying Beat Junkies mixtapes since they were actually tapes...and sometime during the early 2000s (Tasters Choice, Syndromes, the James Brown stuff, and the Supreme mixes to name a few) i couldn't get enough of his mixes and bought/downloaded whatever i could get my hands on.

And your blog and then AIS eventually came into the picture. Some time prior to AIS there was Truthseekers Radio on KPFK, specifically the J. Rocc guest appearance/mix which I probably would've slept on, but thank you for your service of posting that however long ago that was. From then on I knew you had the tip on currated mixes and bits that i couldn't find in one place anywhere else. even some J Rocc that wasn't archived anywhere else...even if it was eventually taken down. Thank you Pipomixes. Yeah and then eventually Adventures in Stereo became a weekly thing. What a blessing.

With AIS gone, even during the show's tenure i wondered how J. Rocc felt like show after show if his efforts (and the crew) were appreciated. those pledge drives have to be a total grind and they were smooth about it, i must say!

i'm truly wondering how many of us out there were listening. i was lucky enough to hear him on the actual radio (quite static-y at times) which felt like a thing, but wondering how many were listening with all the different mediums like on kpfk.org or like you said on the temporarily archived shows which brought urgency to listening. he would address all of us. that said if i was listening in Ridgecrest & Chinalake i would be so proud---i'm really wondering how big that contingent is for real! to be honest i personally didn't know any heads that were on the regular with AIS, couldn't talk about AIS with anyone until now (hence, the rambling)...again, i find that almost criminal.

Anyway, thank you Pipo for giving us this platform. your efforts like that of J. Rocc's are appreciated to the fullest. THANK YOU!!