Hot 97 Mix Master Weekend - Mixed by DJ Clark Kent

Another Hot 97 mix from back in the day courtesy of DJ Soul's blog.

Hot 97 Memorial Day Mix (1996)-Mixed by DJ Clark Kent (Side A)
Hot 97 Memorial Day Mix (1996)-Mixed by DJ Clark Kent (Side B)


Anonymous said...

Big up form Russia! Thanx 4 posting this incredible mix, it's really great (selektah, mixing style, scrathes)! I have it on repeat for about a month. Now I can imagine who were Supermen crew in the 80's, and who was (and still is) Kent. Dope ish. First part is better than second as for me. Thoughts about time when mix was recorded and that i can hear it makes me ill. Thanx! Jahsteez (

Moka said...

I can't download the mix from zshare. Can you upload it in another network? Thanx

pipomixes said...

This was one the zshare links that I wasn't able re-up because I can't find the mix. When I find the mix I'll re-up. Sorry about that