Video: 45 King Spinning Live in Japon

How is it that this man has produced the biggest breakout singles for the two biggest rappers of the last 10 years (Jay-z and Eminem) and every rappers isn't blowing-up his phone like he's Scott Storch in 2005? Go figure... Either way, the 45 King can certainly get down on the 1's and 2's.


Bird said...

Because it's a machine that just spits out cookie cutter music. Flip through the FM dial.. it's all similar-with few exceptions. Then they have the audacity to call it hip-hop. They have no idea of the meaning of hip hop. If it doesn't sound like Dre, Scorch.. or whoever is "hot", they don't want it.

Plus they couldn't handle the Funk.

Mad props to the 45 king!


pipomixes said...

You're absolutely right about the cookie cutter nature of music. But, music was cookie cutter 10 years ago when Hov and Em came out with Hard Knock Life and Stan. Both artists broke the mold and were rewarded handsomely for doing so. I'm just wondering why nobody else hasn't tried the same. Hell, I can't even figure out why Jay and Em haven' done another song with 45 king

Jason @ PSB said...

Sorry about your Trojans. (No post?) I don't want to sound like I'm rubbin' it in though cause I know the feeling. Remember two when Oregon knocked off my Sooners? We got TCU tonight, I always get nervous when upsets start happening.

Ps. 45 King is the truth. Unfortunately, like Umberto said, most cats these days wouldn't know how to handle to a beat like that.

pipomixes said...

Thursday night was tough. The trojans deserved the loss, if you don't come to play you deserve to lose. Even with the loss, SC hasn't lost to a non Pac10 or Vince Young lead team since 2001. I only mention this because all the talking heads are always dissing the PAC10 and nobody mentions how it's only the pac10 that can beat SC

Jason @ PSB said...

You see all the upsets!?!?! Like I said, I always get scared when the upsets start happening. Looks like my Sooners are okay thus far.