Video: PHILA.SOPHICAL Documentary Trailer

This documentary needs to come out yesterday.

Jazzy Jeff Trailer for PHILA.SOPHICAL here


Olskool4real said...

More B.S. History on Phila.One of these days they'll tell the real story, instead of riding Jazzy and Cash's nuttz like they are the only ones from Philly that were popular, or like they started Philly's hip hop!! I'm still trying to collect rare philly jams from way back in the day, notice I say way back like pre Jazzy and Cash fame!! These cats were bad no doubt had the priveledge to be in a couple of their jams but honestly they were more fierce before they got popular in my opinion!!!I will be waiting to check this out though! Thanks for the headz up!!

pipomixes said...

That's funny, because I am reading your comment two seconds after getting off the phone with one of my friends who was screaming in my ear about how Philly deejays are overrated blah, blah, blah. I never realized how jazzy jeff and cash money touched such a cord.

BTW, my friend is from nyc and is that typical nyc is the center of the universe type guy.

Olskool4real said...

We had a lot of them then and a lot of them now Philly DJ's were all that from about 84 on up the world recognized through Cash and Jeff around 86!! I'm not pissed with those guys I am pissed at the ones who don't recognize the great history of ours!! It gets too limited!!NYC cats can hate all they want but couldn't touch it so as my man Triple H's theme song says Bow down to the King!! Philly DJ's was and aint no joke and that's 4 real!!!