Recon-struction - Mixed by Vinroc

Excellent mix that has Vinroc combining an array of mini-mixes that incorporate a variety of "best-ofs" from all your favorite rappers.

Recon-struction Part 1 - Mixed by Vinroc (download)

01 Difficult Steps
02 I Think I Got It Made
03 Reminisced Out
04 Brand Nu Beatdown
05 Dapsychochild Rocka
06 So Watcha Yo
07 Daleaderssabbcoaster
08 let the juice hit em
09 PEgets wicked


Anonymous said...

Awesome mix - Thanks and props for the post Pipomixes.

Anonymous said...

great mix! do you know if there are other mixes that combine hiphop tracks with their originals, like the 2original mixtape?

pipomixes said...

A lot of the mixes on the site combine the hip hop tracks with their original sample source.

Check the mixes by DJ Platurn, Questlove, DJ Trouble, DJ Riz, and the J. Rocc Sex Machine mixes as well

Anonymous said...

great! i will check em out!!