Video: Crate Digging With Kon and Amir

"They have shoes that you don't have, and they have records that you don't have."


Bird said...

I ran into my first tape of "on track" in 93-94, at first I thought something was wrong with the tape... then I realized what was going on. At that same time I ran into a king of diggin 2 by Muro. Those tapes never got old, I constantly listened to them for years, literally. My girl thought I was crazy. From that point my musical palette has never been the same-never. Kon and Amir are some ill cats. This is what hip-hop is about!

thanks for posting pipo, by the way do you know the name of the last tracked played?


Bird said...

by the way Pipo, do you know anyone with any Aquaboogie mixes from 92.3 the beat in LA. The show consisted of funk, disco, breaks, hip-hop spun by Dj Julio G (an original KDAY mixmaster) and Melo -D of beat junkies... I recorded one show back in 2002. I think the show ran from 02-03. If you can help I'd greatly appreciate.


pipomixes said...

It's funny you mention those Melo-D mixes. I used to love hearing Melo-D do his thing a few years back on Julio G's show. Is Julio G still on the radio in LA? Does Melo still mix on the radio? I don't listen to as much radio as I used to so I'm not sure (that's why I'm asking). Anyway, I may have an Aqua boogie mix lying around somewhere. To be honest, I was never a big fan of those aqua boogie sets, but I'm pretty sure I have a tape or two somewhere. I'll take a look and upload a mix as soon as I find them.

Also, I think LA hip hop took a huge blow recently when they stopped mixing on the old school hour (12pm) on Power 106. That used to be the only quality hour of the day.

DJ Bozo said...

Awesome vid yo! I had always heard of Kon & Amir but other than the Kings of Diggin' CD, I hadn't copped anything else they mixed.

Next time I hit up Amoeba, I'm gonna have to pick up one of their Off Track CDs!

Unknown said...

Yo guys, I got a DJ Melo D - Aqua Boogie mix on my blog if you want it, feel free to nab it!