On Track Volume 2 - Mixed by Kon and Amir

Another heavyweight mix for re-post Friday. I was reading the comments on the original post of this mix from a year ago and forgot about the requests for a Pipomixes t-shirt. If my man Derek from Manifest is reading, what do you think?

On Track Vol. 2 - Mixed by Kon and Amir (download)


Anonymous said...

why don't u throw it out..like a competition?..best design wins..

I'd be up for dat...check my shit:


Anonymous said...

I agree! ...this idea need to be developed. If not the first I would be the second one who is buying this shirt!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the great music!!

By the way: in The Netherlands if someone hears the name Pipo, they'll think of 1 thing:
Pipo the clown



RLFM said...

damn a pipomixes shirt would be awesome id buy one for sure

Manifest said...

hey pipo, you know i'm always reading! we can work on something if you want. hit me up and we'll talk or the contest could be dope too? it's your call big man!

omega said...

:pipomixes: - white t-shirt navy blue letters


pipomixes said...

No, it's


Anonymous said...

who rocked the "kon and amir" handstyle i wonder?