Secondhand Sureshots Discarded Vinyl - Mixed by J. Rocc

You are really missing out if you haven't yet picked this mix up from the Stonesthrow website. Don't freak-out Stonesthrow police, the link goes straight to your site. The mix is nothing but dollar record bin finds from L.A. area record stores.

Secondhand Sureshots Discarded Vinyl - Mixed by J. Rocc (get mix here)


The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

I think due to ST assault on blogs we shouldn't post any ST mixes in our blogs. We should only post mixes through email or forums.

I'm gonna grab this mix but I ain't posting it on my blog....ever.

F*K ST!!!

pipomixes said...

I hear ya Hamza. I had reservations myself. I'll admit that part of my decision making process was that I got home late last night and wanted to keep my consecutive post streak alive and took the easy route of posting the ST link. Sounds stupid (and it is), but that was my thought process. Never again

Eric Nord said...

be careful... even a link to ST might somehow be an infringement. ;-)

I JUST got a DMCA notice from ST today, and what's funny is that two of the mixes have music that was definitely not licensed by Stones Throw. How is it that they can sell mixes with unlicensed music, but then they "bust" us for reposting them?

C'mon, they aren't licensing the music on this Secondhand mix. I respect the protection of STONES THROW recordings, but this mix police thing is ridiculous.

I would love to see them get a taste of their own medicine.

jimmy said...

has pnb'wolf got too big for his boots??

DJ ADA said...

after hearing the stories, I understand your guys' caution...not sure their motivies. I stopped subscribing to their podcast awhile back, so without this post, I wouldnt have known about it. so thanks! it was def worth a download!