2Pacamixnow - Mixed by Pipomixes

June 16th, 1971... Somewhere along the way it became "uncool" to listen to 2pac among hip hop elites. I'm not sure why, but the vanguards of rap music have never given 2pac the same critical love as other deceased rappers such as Biggie, Big L, or even Big Pun. Not that he doesn't get love (I believe he is the highest selling rap artist of all time), it just seems that the same heads who worship Biggie, Tribe, De la, and Rakim, don't have an appreciation for the musical contribution of 2pac. With that in mind, I designed this mix to make believers out of all those who are lukewarm toward 2pac. This is a 2pac mix for the snobbiest of hip hop elites. This is not a mix that will feature songs like California Love or All About U. Rather, this mix primarily consists of selections that showcase the section of 2pac's catalogue that should satisfy the finickiest of music critics. He may not have been the greatest lyricist of all time, but you can't deny that dude had a lot to say. As with all of my mixes, a lot of time and effort was put into crafting this mix. I hope you all enjoy it.


DJ Passive said...

LOL 2pacamixnow! I'll be pumping this in my truck today. Yo, you should do a best of PE mix. Keep putting out that fire, Pipo!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Hope you enjoy the mix


Anonymous said...

i've always viewed pac as my generation's elvis, he is that popular. in my history of house parties, whatever the demographics of that household, usually, i'll find at least one pac album in their collection.

i dunno if he's my favorite rapper -- i think cam'ron is and if someone would tell me that in 1994, i'd say cam'ron sucks -- but pac probably had the largest influence on my life in terms of rap music goes.

great mix!

Anonymous said...

he's got a PE mix, it's pretty good too- search "mixing the enemy"

Jason @ PSB said...

I'm not the biggest Pac fan, so I'm hoping this mix can help me. Pipo never fails.

The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

Pipo you know my history in Hip Hop goes deep and I remember when tupac's first appearance on "same song". To me although he may have dropped a song with something to say every now and again,vocally,musically and lyrically he was just plain medicore.

I'm not going to go into a rant on how he portrayed himself.We in Cali know the truth about tupac's supposed "thug" and "gangsta" image. But I will say Pac's fame has more to do with his charisma and people projecting their beliefs on to him than his actual skill as an emcee.

I said before and will continue saying it ....Tupac was rap's version of Madonna: 90% image 10% talent.

pipomixes said...

I agree with most of what you said with the exception of the 90% image thing. It does seem that pac lost his way a little bit toward the end of his short life. However, I think Quincy Jones said it best in his editorial eulogy in Vibe Mag after 2pac died. He said something to the effect of, if he (Quincy Jones) would have died at 25 he would have been nothing more than a struggling musician, Malcolm X at 25 would have been nothing more than a crook, etc... Unfortunately for 2pac, his lifestyle ultimately undermined his ability to mature and grow out of the Thuggish nonsense that he immaturely portrayed all too often. Instead it would have been nice to see more of the more thoughtful, introspective person his lyrics would show glimpses of. In any event, give the mix a listen and see if I can't change your mind a little bit

Anonymous said...

thanks 4 this!

BTW,check this out:
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Anonymous said...

ya, we liked him cause he basically said crazy shit and that was big for popular rap back then. plus i liked above the rim, a lot.

Anonymous said...

You must not have ears to listen to not only his music but real behind the scenes interviews he gave discussing why he took his music in the direction he did it was bigger than the image. That the masses of folks were already going who were not on the mic. And Biggie wasn't shit and never had a damn thing to say period but he was to the east he was their god but not rapping like he was from the east. And for all of the thug image bashing KRS ONE was a fucking thug in his music and off stage do research on the so called conscious rappers. I am a huge BDP fan. Rakim who I loved never had maybe one hot as cd but we really only know him for fucking singles or songs but he is the greatest if you listen to his shit there was "thug shit in it too"

I am ranting but do your research on how ignorant Tribe members are and acted behind the scenes you dumb uck drink the Koolaid on these pseudo positive cats please.

Many of you are probably forget hip hop is one and art and two fucking entertainment and 3 week in the fucking mind that either fake as afrocentric rappers or gangsta or thugged out rapper can con you.

Real mother fuckers felt Pac for more than his music it was the reasons for the words. Additionally his life struggle on and off not the bullshit you saw publicized. And for any of his faults as a human being so what he showed the complexity of humanity filled with contradictions like everyday motherfuckers.

But you fucks like shiny suits and biggie mobb deep and the like.... This was a pac tribute if you don't like him get the fuck on..

Thanks for the mix of the greatest hip hop artist to date.

For the record the best lyricist ever in my opinion Andre 3000, eminiem, mos def, The D.O.C.(one cd and fucks up anything biggie or damn near anyone else could do), hell Royc 5'9 without major success kills biggie.

A real Pac fan and lover of hip hop which is a culture. Which means cultures encompass many divergent things for dumb ass so called hip hop purist. Hip Hop is not pure anyway the shit borrowed from west indian immgrants who brought the culture of street music or reggae or dancehall in the streets.

Anonymous said...

^ This dude's mad. I've always said that Biggie had flows, and Pac was a poet. In this case, it's not about comparisons. It's about the poetic words of a talented individual.

Let's look past the image he portrayed, and read deeper into the words he conveyed. I'll give it a listen Pipo

DJ Passive said...

Found "Mixing the Enemy"... will be giving it a play later on this weekend. 2Pacamixnow was dope!

Anonymous said...

pipo once again you Kilt it....i keep ur Mixes on heavy rotation my dude...Keep Spinnin


pipomixes said...

Thank you. I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the mix

Big Chuck said...

I think 2Pac get's his props, expecially among the mainstream when compared to the names Pipo mentioned. It's good to hear a nice Pac mix though.

Jayrock said...

Mad Nice mix, I don't know if this is the place to make a request but a Def Jam mix (covering the golden age 86-90, word be dope). Keep up the good work my dude.