Numark on Soul Assassins

I can't tell you all how inspiring I found this mix.


DJ Bozo said...

That "rest in peace" bit over the "Full Clip" beat was bananas! Nu-Mark always be puttin' in work.

E.B. said...

I've said it before & I'll say it again. THIS MAN IS A GENIUS!!!! I can't stand when people talk over brilliant mixing though. Wish you could find it without that shit.

Anonymous said...

This is what mixing and djing is about having fun and mixing non traditional "hip-hop" ... big ups Numark!

I agree with E.B. quit talking over the great music!

thanks pip.


Eric Nord said...

fantastic mix! but, ya, terrible hosting.

Choc should know better than to randomly blather like that! Sometimes the whole drunk/high hosting thing is OK, but not like this. Just cuz it's your homie's basement doesn't excuse talking over the mix. i think this shows how commercial/terrestrial radio can sometimes be a good thing by preventing this sort of thing.

DJs don't need hype men.