A Arte de Malabarisimo - Mixed by Swiff LaRoc

This is a high quality mix that I highly recommend. Below is Swiff LaRoc's explanation of the mix.

Well anyways here's my latest mix entitled "A arte de malabarisimo" which is portugese for "The art of juggling". Basically this is me trying to put a lot of different sounds and genres together. Even though it's mostly hip hop based, I tried to take it back to the bambaataa's time where they would throw some different records into their sets while still keeping it funky. Oh yeah, there's also a large amount of blends (mashups) and classic material on this as well.

A Arte de Malabarisimo - Mixed by Swiff LaRoc (download)

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RLFM said...

this looks fucking sweet! i wish i had a working ipod or was able to listen to this in my car later but ill just havta give it a try on the computer THANKS