Instant DJ

Interesting read from Revolution's blog. Below is an excerpt.

I knew it wouldn't t be long before something presented itself to me as inspiration to write in this space. A random walk through BestBuy today proved to be a little more than a search for some extra gear we needed for a location shoot. Passing though the endless maze of aisles and endcaps Rod Gee spotted a particular display that blew my mind. Topped by a row of "Beats by Dre" headphones, were three shelves of computer based DJ hardware for the general consumer. Various types of digital turntables and gadgets that came with their own software were stacked upon each other like the board games in the display across the aisle. Prices of these things ranged from $79 to $299. Clever slogans and flashy boxes tried to disguise the fact that they were junk. Basically, this was the instant DJ section. Read More

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