J. Rocc's 10 Favorite Sample Flips

Always fun to read your favorite deejay''s favorite flips.  I found the most interesting part of the article to be the part where J. Rocc admits to being a comp digger.  One time I saw J. Rocc at a record store while I was digging through the comp. section and I ran out of there like a little girl in a haunted house.  Had I known, I'd have given him the secret "ain't no shame in my diggin' game" handshake.  Read here.


Eric Nord said...

Is J dissing Wynton Marsalis? It seems so. C'mon now... Wynton ain't that bad.

BTW, that whole "no comps, no reissues" hip hop ethic just makes no sense. It should be about the music, not the format. Sure, it's better to have a 12" single... I get that. But an original LP vs a comp LP??? Bottom line: comps are efficient!

Anonymous said...

Wynton's a jazz luddite that has a lot of hate for hip hop. The Hot Music loop is a monster though.

I agree about the comps thing - back in the day when you had limited fund and you didn't have music on tap (aka the internet) comps were a god send. Shout out to the UBB, the Mastercuts comps from the early 90s, those shady bootleg comps (I've got that Nuggets one too) and all those nice ones that Sounds of the Universe, Strut and others put out with the serious liner notes.