KRBZ Radio Mix - Mixed by DJ Babu

I've always been a little disappointed with the mixtapes that I've heard from Babu.  To the point where I thought maybe dude was just a battle deejay and couldn't really mix.  Well, I guess I was as wrong as wrong could be.  I came up on this early 90's (I think) radio mix from Domeshots of Babu doing his thing on the radio.  GOD DAMN!  This mix has Babu putting in work like I've never heard before.  Though the sound quality is not excellent, the mix is still Highly Recommended.

Side A

Side B


DJP said...

Babu's Duck Season mixtapes were pure dope.

Also soundbombing 2 (with J.Rocc) Classic.

Anonymous said...

what's w/ this link......pop-ups galore no DL link

HecticEclectic said...

Babu's 'Comprehension' mixtape is real dope too. If you haven't heard I suggest searching for a link. It's been blog posted a bunch of times and is also broken into parts for liestening on Youtube.

The Dynamic Hamza 21 said...

Alot of people got fooled by that mix. Nobody knows the real name of the mix but it's not "live" "radio" mix. KSIK doesn't exist. I think SIK is in reference to veteran graff crew SIK Crew. Based upon the tracklist I believe it released sometime in 1995.

pipomixes said...

That's right Hamza. I remember you explaining that in your post. In any event, it's nice to hear a mix where Babu put the time into having a layered mix.


Soundbombing 2 was dope, but it's hard to tell which parts were Babu and which part were J. Rocc on the cut. The Duck Season mixes are cool, but the mixing is limited because they were designed more to showcase the music instead of the deejay.

Cecil said...

that's some dark sounding Jodeci to close out side A. enjoyed the mix.