Happy Birthday Marvin Gaye Part II - Mixed by DJ Spinna

I remember posting part 1 two years ago any many of you asking where part 2 could be found. Well, here it is. Description below.
Happy 76th Birthday Marvin Gaye! Here's the sequel to the Marvin B-Day mix I did two years ago. Sorry I took so long to get this done but I believe the length of this one will make up for lost time. This mix is almost two hours long and filled with burners. Classics, a few unheard remixes and reworks by my brother Kenny Dope, John Morales Salaam Remi and myself, unreleased nuggets of some thangs and rare album cuts, singles and alternate takes of other thangs. I even snuck in Donny Hathaway's version of "What's Going On" as it's probably my favorite Marvin cover of all time. Spread the word!...




Anonymous said...

Where is the link to listen or download this?

Anonymous said...

Offliberty..WAKE UP!

Eric Nord said...

No offliberty needed here.

Podomatic download links are at the bottom left corner of the page. Yes, they hide it.