J. Rocc Mixing Live (Circa late 90's)

This is an absolutely priceless video of J. Rocc circa late 90's/early 2000's. Many of the blends in this set became the foundation for the Sex Machine Today mix. The more I watch old videos such as this one and compare it to some of the newer videos out, the more and more I think that a lot of soul has been lost in deejaying. Similar to the way you hear producers talk about how the lack of limitations that today's production technology brings has stifled creativity, I think a similar thing is going on with deejays. Even though deejays may be more technically sound today, something seems to be missing. I don't know if it's the lack of vinyl or what. But it just feels like a lot of deejays (myself included) have lost their soul.


Eric Nord said...

Don't worry, PIpo... you've still got plenty of soul!

But your posting skills might need some attention. ;-) The YouTube link you posted is showing playlists instead of the J.Rocc video.

pipomixes said...

damn youtube and all their format changes. They're really messing with my mojo here

Eric Nord said...

ah, much better. thanks for this vid. hey look, it's j.rocc's shortlived rasta phase.