Live at Gratuity (11/15/12) - Mixed by DJ Excel

Listening to the mix for the first time as I type.  However, it's hard to imagine a mix by the one of the best deejays around, playing whatever he wants, could be anything but satisfactory.

My homie DJ Dos-A invited me to play a set his weekly party named "Gratuity". He & his homies throw this night & it's catered to the people who enjoy REAL DJ's playing GOOD music. Only 1 rule, No Top 40.

I set up & began to pick select cuts from my collection at random. You can see from the set list, I covered a decent range of joints.

It was a really fun night, something all of us DJs need. Playing whatever we want for a group of people who appreciate it. Thank you for the invite & thank you to everyone who showed love that night. Big Shout out to Carlton The Party Tiger!!!

Hope you enjoy the set as much I as enjoyed playing.




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Thanks Eric. For some reason I keep forgetting to post the link on these mixcrate mixes. Much appreciated