Big Phat 90's Mixtape (Video)

Big Phat 90's Mixtape from DJ Woody on Vimeo.

Major late pass needed on this one right here. Amazing what happens when you actually click on links to sites that are unfamiliar. One of these days I'm going to master video mixing to the point where I can make a similar video. Until then, I'll just enjoy the contributions of others.

‘Big Phat 90′s’ is a nostalgic chronological musical ride through some of the decades dopest moments, reworking the classics with his unique blend of custom graphics, video sound bites and renowned turntable technique to rock the ‘slamminest’ 90′s house party since Kid n Play raised the roof.
In true 90′s style, here is a cassette friendly 45 minute ‘mixtape’ version of the set, enjoy!


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Rudy Martinez said...

I don't know if I like this or think it's a pile of bunched together crap. Not sure what it is about it. Maybe the Home Alone intro that almost made me leave or the other weird shit thrown in throughout. I'll need to come back to this later and see if I feel the same.