Fly Fishing - Mixed by DJ Woody

I don't know how to say it other than to say that this is very good mix. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Chopped Herring Records was founded back in 2001. The same year DJ Woody became the first European DJ to win the International Turntablist Federation World Championships. At that time Herring HQ was located in Manchester, a 40 minute drive through Lancashire to Woody's hometown of Burnley. Chopped Herring Records' owner Pro Celebrity Golf and Woody had crossed paths on numerous times spinnin' in Manchester and the North West of England during the 90's, so it only seems natural (like the migration of Herring in the Baltic Sea) that C.H Recs and DJ Woody should 'hook up' for a mix at some point. 'Fly Fishing', a selection of released and unreleased tracks on Chopped Herring Records, mixed by DJ Woody is something we've been thinking about for some time. Since the Herring catalogue has grown dramatically in the last couple of years it seemed an appropriate time to get in touch with one of the greatest DJ's to ever do it to de-bone some Herring fillets in his inimitable, flavasome way. Chopped Herring Records and DJ Woody proudly present 'Fly Fishing'..


Phase n Rhythm - Brainfood (1987)
Da Henchmen - Blame It (1993)
Da Dysfunkshunal Familee - Far from the Average (1994)
J.V.C.F.O.R.C.E - 3 the Hard Way (1992)
Phase n Rhythm - The Force of the Matrix (1987)
Action Bronson - The Madness (Instrumental) (2011)
Da Henchmen - Brooklyn Bastards (1993)
Finsta Bundy - State of Emergency (1998)
Da Henchmen - Bronx Session [Unreleased] (1995)
Horror City - Take it How You Want it (1995)
Meyhem Lauren - Got the Fever (2010)
Finsta Bundy - Bushwick to Shin-Juku (1999)
Da Henchmen - Hot 97 Radio Spot [Unreleased] (1995)
Action Bronson - Shiraz (2010)
Meyhem Lauren - Drug Lords (2012)
Natural Elements - Life Ain't Fair (Original) (1995)
Da Henchmen - Live Wire (1993)
Action Bronson - Imported Goods (2010)
Burgundy Blood - Hello (2012)
Jay Glaze ft Rod Hotley - Out to Lunch (Instrumental) (2002)
Meyhem Lauren - Get the Money Black (2013)
Action Bronson - Get Off My P.P. (2010)
Tha Grimm Teachaz - Poobutts (????)
Da Dysfunkshunal Familee - I'm in the House (1995)
Da Henchmen - What U Gonna Do? (1994)
Q-Ball & Curt Cazal - Down For Mine (1994)
Finsta Bundy - What You Gonna Do? (1999)
D-Stroy & DJ Tony Touch - Frienemies (Original) [Unreleased] (1994)
North Bronx Alliance feat Aiello Wilson - Black Soil (1997)
Meyhem Lauren feat Roc Marciano - Cross Roads (2010)
Meyhem Lauren - Another Hustle (2010)
Meyhem Lauren - Live Shit (2009)
Action Bronson - Medley

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