Break Builders Volume 1 - Mixed by DJ Zeph

Wifey is away at a business dinner, baby is asleep, so Pipo has got nothing but time to provide new content for the blog faithful. Last post of the night because I'm going to see if I can squeeze in a few minutes on the tables before Mrs. Mixes gets home. Description of this highly recommended mix is below.

Live Breaks Mix using all original pressings, 3 turntables, 2 mixers. Performed by DJ Zeph & Imperial. recorded live to DAT. mastered by Rafi at Studio 45.
This is not the original cover. Real cover coming soon. I'd never seen this cover until i did a google search for our mix....gotta love the interwebs....

I Read a couple of blog posts about this one. SOME of the comments I'm not sure I agreed with. All thought part 2 was a success for different reasons, part one offers some cool shit i'd like to point out.
This was recorded Live!! not many other mixes, especially featuring breaks are done that way. Sure theres better technical DJ's, and DJ's with better collections, but we kinda brought a good balance of both to the tables (haha) , but more importantly TRANSITIONS!! Neither of us are Q-Berts, but DJ Imperial isn't far behind. His cuts are so dope, Oh my god, and funkier than most big name dj's. The selection is what it is, and we definately weren't above playing records that weren't super rare, especially compared to a Shadow/Cut Chemist mix. We set out to provide a vibe, and i feel like that was more important here. both Imperial and I spent the most amount of time deciding on what to play. But the transitions, whew!! definately more considered than other popular breaks mixes of the day. if you listen to most you can definately tell the transitions were secondary, like a Muro mix. Where as here you can really tell its all part of a story, and seamless/interesting transitions are telling it. And again Live!!

We really had a great time putting this together, and it reflects a great time period when Imperial lived with me for a summer in SF, and we worked on music as much as possible. DJ Paul Nice, our roomie at the time, was driven crazy while we were putting it together, thanks for putting up with us Paulie!! We got a good amount of recognition when it came out. Allthough only pressed up in small numbers, and sold at exclusive locations, it was always sold out and on re order...earning an Amoeba records Staff pick of the year, and supportive comments like "better than [Shadow & Cut Chemist's] brainfreeze'.

We used three Technics 1200's, one Gemini Scratch Master (really!!), one Vestax 06pro, Ortofon Needles, A Sony DAT recorder...don't remember how we combined the signals, this was circa 1998!!!


ADA said...

they weren't kidding around here, man that was dope!

Anonymous said...

reaalll dope