Biz Markie Shows Off 7" Technics at Do-Over NYC

There's some discrepancy as to whether the supposed SL-700's are actually Technics made, but Biz Markie has officially put these 7" only turntables on the xmas list of every 45 deejay on the planet.  Unlike the "bell less" 12" version of Mardi Gras that Biz tells everybody he owns, but won't show anyone his copy, these turntables have been proven real.  The question is whether they will begin to be reproduced by other turntable manufacturers that are actually still in business.  Read the full back story HERE.


uniquity said...

FYI, Biz was uptown in Crotona Park when he was rockin the SL-700s. This wasn't from The Do-Over, which I unfortunately missed this past Sunday. Grandmaster Caz hosts the Tools of War Crotona Park Jams every Summer. There are videos on YouTube, including one from the Biz week.

Anonymous said...