Wax Poetics and Insect Records Present Sir Froderick "D'Void of Funk"

I've been aware of the "beat" movement that has been occurring over the last several years.  I've dabbled in a few releases here and there and mostly enjoyed what I've heard.  However, I'd be lying if I claimed to be some kind of beat expert. There are just so many releases proliferating on the web that it's hard to really know where to begin. So I do what most intelligent consumers do, I rely on dependable tastemakers to help me get started. Here's a P-funk inspired mix recently posted on Waxpoetics that I enjoyed over the weekend.

We’ve linked up with our homies at Insect Records to bring you left-field beatsmith Sir Froderick’s D’Void of Funk mixtape. Composed of his favorite P-Funk samples, the tape sees Froderick chopping up George and crew in his unconventional on-beat/off-beat style.

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