DJ Jazzy Jeff - Boiler Room, London

Watching/listening to the mix for the first time as I type. Given that it's a Boiler Room mix, I'd expect an open format type of mix from Jeff (which I consider to be a good thing). I think the Boiler Room videos have now replaced the old Do-Over videos in terms of people watching. In other words, feel free to get your "judge" on in the comments section. Mix starts at the 13 minute mark. For those wanting the audio, it appears that Boiler Room now requires you to register with their website to download the audio (go here). No more just downloading/streaming from soundcloud (I think). Not the end of the world, but not as convenient as soundcloud IMO. Highly Recommended (so far: 10 minutes in)


pipomixes said...

You know, I really don't despise the Boiler Room crowd like I did the Do-over crowds. I can't really even hate on them at all. I mean, they're sitting in a small room listening to a guy play music. I know J-Roccs crowd caught a lot of flack, but what were they supposed to do, go ape-shit the whole time? It's a bedroom, lol.. I've never been in a room when my boys were spinning and just danced my ass off. I just sat there and bobbed my head while I was stoned. I mean, some of them do look trendy, and you know they're not what most of us would call "real", but come on,, let's ease up on em, lol. Also,, check maotsetsung Ebay page for my current auction.. Sealed Night of the Living Bassheads, lol.. Sorry Pipo, had to get it in

pipomixes said...

Completely agree, but that never stopped anybody from judging lol. The old Do-Over crowds were the best though. They had that perfect combination of good looking girls, not so good looking girls, hollywood hipsters, Lakers fans, hardcore hip hop heads, and too cool for school industry types. In other words, a judgmental man's feeding ground.