The 15 Best Mixes of 2015

It was freaking depressing to see all the mixes that have been taken down from soundcloud as I went back to listen to all the "highly recommended" mixes of the past year.  All I can say to all of you is, "keep mixing!"  Some of you make a living off this whole DJ thing of ours; some of you are trying to make a living off this; while others are content to just be bedroom enthusiasts.  Whoever you are, you are extraordinarily talented if your mix has been posted on this blog.  I am a music snob.  I take music, hip hop culture, and the art form of deejaying very seriously.  I don't post bullshit (for the most part), and I don't give out compliments loosely.  If I've said your mix is dope, it's because I think your mix is dope.  And if I think your mix is dope, it's because it is.  This blog can only go as far as your mixes will take it.  The blog dies when your mixes dry up, so keep mixing motherf%ckers!  Keep diggin'; keep searching for inspiration; stop complaining about button pushers and show them how it's done.  With all that said, here are my favorite mixes of 2015.

Mix of 2015

Origins of the Villain - Mixed by NOW FUTUR

14 Other Excellent Mixes (In No Particular Order)
Even the Sun Goes Down (Outkast Mix) - Mixed by Mathew David 
2x4 Dilla Megamix (Live at Boombox) - Mixed by Mr. Choc & C-Minus
Summer Spliffz Volume 1 - Mixed by DJ Sheep
Nu-Crack City - Mixed by DJ Nu-mark
Samples Outta Compton - Mixed by NOW FUTUR
37th Chamber - Mixed by Omega:NYC
Break on Through - Mixed by DJ ADA
Pillow Talk - Mixed by Blood Money (DJ Tobes and DJ Wax On)
Boards of Doom - Mixed by Deathhop
Trapped Part 2 - Mixed by AbcntMnded
'It's the Roc' Originals Samples Mix - Mixed by Frank the Butcher and DJ 7L
Outkast: SouthernplayalisticadillacDaddyMuzik - Mixed by DJ Blend Daddy
Straight Outta Compton (Originals) - Mixed by DJ Big Texas
Get Live - Mixed by J. Rocc and Rhettmatic (Link: R.I.P.)

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