Biz Markie Megamix (2011 Australian Tour Promo) - Mixed by DJ Sheep


DJ Sheep describes the mix below better than I every could. I only add that Sheep is one of the great mixtape artists. Highly Recommended. Enjoy. 

DJ Sheep: Biz Markie Megamix: 2011 Australian Tour Promo Recorded Live: Friday 3rd June 2011 It's unfortunately timely that I'm re-sharing this mix. We truly lost a great one today, Biz Markie, the cornerstone of humour in hip-hop with his larger than life cartoon-ish personality and demeanour. The B-I-Z's discography, legacy and history in hip-hop ran deep and his crates and music knowledge ran even deeper. I feel extremely humbled & blessed in hindsight to have spent time with Biz Markie in Australia, having both shared the stage with him in Sydney as well as spending a couple of days hanging out in Brisbane together with his brother DJ Cool V. We did what Biz does best and hit Chinatown in Brisbane for Chinese food, went diggin' for records and vintage toys and nerded out for many hours sharing, disecting, politicin' and listening to raer breakbeats, grooves, raps, acapellas and stems. It's one of the very few times I was absolutely geeked out meeting one of my heroes. There's been too many times when I've learned that my childhood rap heroes are actually jerks, even more-so with the advent of social media. There are too many hilarious stories to tell and memories of that tour which will have to wait for another time. This short but sweet 14-minute promo "mega-mix" was done in one take on two decks and a mixer at the request of the promoter of the down under tour. I kept it simple and just blended 7 of my favourite Biz tracks. There's obviously some deeper diggin' to be done in Biz's extensive catalog and I'm sure there'll be some great tribute mixes forthcoming but I kept this one as is because it's from a time and a place that hopefully some others can appreciate. Nobody Beats the Biz. Never. Rest in Peace and my most genuine condolences to his family and loved ones. peace. DJ Sheep # TRACKLISTING: 1. Just A Friend 2. Return of the Biz Dance 3. Biz Is Goin' Off 4. Albee Square Mall 5. Pickin' Boogers 6. Cool V's Tribute to Scratching 7. Biz Dance, Part 1. SoundCloud: @djsheep Facebook: Twitter: Website:

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