Happy Birthday Marvin - Mixed by DJ Jaycee

Constantly searching the web for quality mixes can be a tiring task at times.  For reasons unknown, there are weeks where the mix-well seems kinda dry.  Other weeks, that mix well is overflowing with quality mixes.  For the most part, the mixes are always out there on the web, it's just matter of whether my google searches and daily browsing takes me in a direction where I stumble onto mixes that inspire me.  Kind of like being in a mix search zone if you will.  Well, I think I'm in a little bit of a zone here.  I was very impressed by yesterday's DJ Finesse Biggie/Premier mix, as I am equally impressed by today's DJ Jaycee Marvin Gaye mix.  For those of you wondering, I've got a few more gems in the chamber but I'm going to do my best to save those for a dry period.  Enjoy.


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