The 14 Best Mixes of 2014

Wait no more mix aficionados.  The much anticipated mix list that is the talk of the DJ world is here ready to be dissected, critiqued, and praised.  The 2013 list received so much attention last year that I had several deejays calling their shots and claiming the crown of 2014 mix of the year.  In the end, only the crack staff of me, myself, and I holds the key to crowning the mix champ.  Though the power I possess is equivalent to a North Korean hacker, not a day goes by that I don't remember the humble beginnings of this now illustrious list.  As with previous years, please hold the salt if you didn't make the list.  Mixes from the likes of J. Rocc, DJ Spinna, Rhettmatic, Boogie Blind, 45 King, Lord Finesse, Jazzy Jeff, DJ Melo-D, Diplo, and many other legendary names had mixes that didn't make the cut.

Let me interrupt my back patting for this Public Service Announcement.  I noticed that the amount of quality mixes available tapered off toward the latter half of the year.  This blog and deejay thing of ours are only as strong as the material we produce.  In other words, KEEP MIXING!! Where you at DJ Moebedda, DJ ADA, Kikkoman, and many other blog regulars?!?!  Believe me; I know how life, career, and family, have a way of zapping the inspiration and energy needed to create.  Nevertheless, we must keep creating.  That goes for you big name deejays too!  I know you make your livings on the road and the road zaps your soul.  Suck it up and get on those tables and hit the damn record button for Christ sakes!  Even if the process gets slower, keep creating you soon to be middle-aged, soulless, used to be deejays.  You too Pipomixes!  Stop taking so many damn naps and get on those tables!  Stop worrying about your god damn bed time and get on those tables until the sun rises if need be.  Let those nuts hang you soulless f*ck!

Okay, now that I've got that out of my system; back to the list.  No list is perfect and this list is certainly no exception.  Over 300 mixes were posted this year.  No way am I going to remember every blend and track selection of all the mixes posted.  As a result, the odds are pretty good that many worthy mixes were simply forgotten.  Though I did my best to keep notes throughout the year to set aside mixes that I thought were worthy candidates,  my system was far from perfect.  As a result, I'm confident some worthy mixes were neglected.  Remember, just getting a post on this blog means one deejay with game recognizes another deejay with game.  That's got to be worth something, right?  As with previous years, I won't attempt to justify or explain any of my selections.  The list is simply a list of what I thought were the 14 best mixes of 2014.  Feel free to tell me how shitty my list is.

Mix of 2014

Boiler Room: London - J. Rocc

13 Other Excellent Mixes (In no particular order)

The Hour of Chaos - DJ MoneyshotHalf Man Half Amazing - DJ Moneyshot
Running Through the Breaks Volume 5 - DJ Moebedda
Thee Notorious B.I.G. - Thee Mike B
36th Chamber - Omega:NYC
Mega Blends - Sparkle Motion
Blood Money: Nighttime Gangster Jazz - Mr. Tobes & DJ Wax On
Solid Steel Radio Show (2/7/14) - Gaslamp Killer
Winter Bluntz 2 - DJ Sheep
Winter Bluntz 3 - DJ Sheep
Boiler Room: London - DJ Lefto
Deltron 1983 - DJ Skarface
Hard to Earnstrumentals - Vinylcologist


pipomixes said...

Good selection! The Moneyshot mixes, Sparkle Motion and Nighttime Gangster Jazz were favourites of mine too. I'm going to try and get a few mixes out next year as I've been a bit quiet. Happy holidays Pipo!

pipomixes said...

Good to hear from you! You are definitely one of those regulars I haven't heard from in a minute. I look forward to hearing something new from you in 2015. BTW you have link to that children's music mix you did?

pipomixes said...

BTW, Saul = Pipo

pipomixes said...

Yeah, I started a few mixes this year that I never got round to finishing but I'm now inspired to get back on it! Looking forward to hearing some new mixes from you too.

Here's the link to the children's records mix

pipomixes said...

hmm ...interesting choices Pipo. I only heard three of those mixes on the list (OmegaNYC,Thee Mike B,Sparkle Motion). Never heard of DJ Lefto before and still haven't made the time to listen to a Moebedda mix. That Vinylcologist mix I totally forgot about. It seems I have a few mixes to add to my collection.

I give you props Pipo there's no way I could make a top 10 list. I listen to so many mixes I sometimes forget which year they were released.

pipomixes said... for classic 80s-90s hiphop mixtapes

pipomixes said...

Props for your continued efforts digging up the treats Pipo. I think this mix deserves an honorable mention..

pipomixes said...

Thank you for this list! Never disappointed!

pipomixes said...

Mix made the list. See above. Thank you for supporting the blog

pipomixes said...

thanks Pipo, not only for the list but the work you put in to the blog
my favs were mega blends and the nas tribute
happy new year